Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why Bill Gates should not be president

I think kids need to understand that adults are not perfect, that they make mistakes. It doesn't matter how important people are, they all make mistakes. There are a number of reasons why people make mistakes:
1. Negligence or carelessness - whether because of low tolerances for truth, a lack of curiosity or a time deadline
2. Contradictions in their thinking - We all possess a pool or hierarchy of knowledge. The extent to which we are able to frame reasonable or valid responses depends on the extent to which we are able to integrate our knowledge into non-contradictory ideas, as well as our ability to tie those ideas to concrete reality. By doing so we become consistent and grounded.

Children need to recognise that parents lead highly specialised lives, so they are inclined to develop a sense of pride in a specialised area of their lives, particularly their careers, but often neglect other areas of their lives like being a good parent, partner, etc. Another reason people fail to act effectively in these roles is that they were not well prepared to take on those roles because they were not developed as effectively as might be ideal. This will also impact on your standards and expectancies as children of your parents, so its important you maintain a 'sense of reality' as opposed to just pleasing your parents. The best approach is to accept them for who they are, and attempt to understans why they are like that so you can learn how to differ. In exploring those issues you might touch a raw nerve, but persist on another day after your parents have had a chance to frame an answer. Your persistence will force them to deal with the issues, and help them to be better parents. There is no reason why parents cannot learn from children. Paradoxically as it may sound, the answers like within the parents, but often the kids might be better at framing the questions. Because the parent is likely re-visiting the thinking they failed to do as kids.
I want to explore some of the errors by Bill Gates on parenting.
Andrew Sheldon